Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Seagull in the mist

Yes, I really must try to keep this a bit more up to date. But it's been cold, and when I'm working I'm never here in daylight. This was last week; a misty morning, and I whipped the phone out and took this on the way to the station. When I got there, it was to find that the trains were all severely disrupted because of ice. Well, I couldn't see any, even further inland, when I finally did get going.

I will really try to post more often here. Warrior's blog got off to a slow start - no posts for a month after I first set it up, so hopefully, especially once the weather improves, I will find more to put down. I must also get myself an OS map of the area, so that I can randomly pick bits of town to go to and report back on. And I must do a Newhaven links list. Ah, promises, promises.

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