Sunday, 2 December 2007

As mentioned elsewhere

Well, here's a nice picture to be going on with, taken from the West Quay.

I suppose I don't primarily intend this blog as an information resource for people who actually live in Newhaven - although local readers are very welcome! - but more to give a taste of the place to people who are maybe expatriates (exurbiates?) or who have never been here, a little bit of vicarious small faded industrial coastal town living. I've plenty of pictures anyway, so can stick them up even when I've nothing to say.

As I mentioned yesterday, Newhaven has featured a few times in my narrowboat blog, nb Warrior, which I've been doing since April 2006. So for a quick catch up, here are some links to Newhaven posts on there.

Here's the river on a misty morning, and again on a September evening. Here's the swing bridge, and the raft race. I've told the world about the fish festival, and its advance publicity. I've built a sand boat on the West Beach, and uploaded loads of photos which are linked to from those posts. I went out with the camera in January too. I've visited the museum, speculated about what this blog might look like from the West Quay; I've written about a local boat, and about the town in general on the twentieth anniversary of my arrival here. And if you want to go straight to the photos, they're here.

Next I'll put a links list together for this blog - any ideas welcome.

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