Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The West Beach

Say what you like about Newhaven, but where else on the South coast offers you a beach like this? Washed clean by the tide twice a day, oh-so-gently sloping sands, sheltered from the wind by the sea wall... The West Beach has to be one of the best things about Newhaven. It's a brilliant place to take young children, as they can't get lost or hide. The sand is perfect for sandcastles; there's no nasty pebbles or shingle underfoot. The tide goes out a long way, so there's plenty of sand, and it comes all the way in so you get a brand new canvas twice a day. There's a car park right at the top of the steps, which costs about two pounds a day, I think.

And if you don't like gently sloping sands, then there's another beach the other side of the breakwater, steeper, with pebbles, and where the tide doesn't come right up. So if you like swimming, sore feet , stale seaweed and old plastic bottles, your needs are catered for too. (Actually that's unfair; the pebbly beach is mostly lovely too, below the high tide mark at least.)

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